Prim House

Redefining a Sufficient Home for Young Homeowners


Ms. Prim 


Architectural Design


Location: Phuket, Thailand

Scheme: New-build

Area: 140 sq.m.

Status: Completed in 2019


Prim House is a humble pet-and-plant-welcome home of a Phuket native homeowner in her mid-twenties planning to put down roots in her pricey hometown, the fourth most expensive city to live in South East Asia, by not getting into any debt.

Prim House represents a result of the empathic solution design to redefine and ratiocinate ‘a sufficient home’ of millennial homeowners: practical, manageable, and enjoyable.

Refashioned customary materials and technicalities, such as raw steel products, prefabricated air vents, and exposed structure, were chosen to prevent costly complexity and errors. The provident design thinking towards the sequential construction procedures helped with minimising the labour cost and time consumption from the repetitive transitional tasks.

This open-space tropical home is breathable and self-cooling from full-width front openings, extended rows of prefabricated air vents, and an elevated central air well skylight which also allows daylight to reach most parts of the house including indoor flora-friendly sunken planting bed without being blocked by a perforated steel staircase and overhung bridging grate. The ventilating skylight passage stretches over the bathroom making this just-upstairs shared bathroom, accommodating the need for both floors, dry quickly and inodorous. 

Rooms better with privacy walls: two bedrooms and the bathroom, share the second story and unite to the common space with the view of flourishing ornamental climbing foliage growing on the exposed structural steel column.

Nonfunctional aesthetics are growing by degrees from the homeowner’s ability to live and fulfill her fascinations with arts, crafts, and plants, blooming in her own gallery, unforced and unhurried.