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Kabang Beach Bar

Kabang Beach Bar is a beach front all-day dining outlet with a culinary highlight from seasonal tropical produce, fresh caught seafood and Thai-inspired recipe.

Kabang is a Moken word for a boat meaning a home for local sea gypsies of the Andaman coast. This beach bar conveys the interpretation of a folktale about Coconut Island pioneer. His adventure after the boat wreck and the instinctive wisdom and his fishery background that helped him to survive.

Influenced from Coconut Island folktale, central bar structure demonstrates simple method of construction as if built from parts of a wrecked wooden boat and beach, weathered materials plainly assembled to be a temporary shelter to the unfortunate fisherman.

Color selection is a blend of deep oceanic and neutral tropical palettes. Decorating items display fishing equipment and products from the sea to hint a lifestyle of Moken sea people.

The Village Coconut Island
Coconut Island, Phuket, Thailand
Completed in 2017
120 sqm
Studio Locomotive, Simplisis