• Client

    Blue Elephant

  • Services

    Interior Design, Spatial Experience Design, Prop Styling

Studio Locomotive devises a 27-metre-long blue mural wall to artfully trivialize the layout and view opening drawbacks for the design of Thai Brasserie by Blue Elephant, a new restaurant brand by a 40-year-old Thai royal cuisine restaurant and cooking school Blue Elephant.

A stylish twist, experimental cookery, and contextual creativity are the unaccustomed Thai gastronomy concept that Blue Elephant delights to explore and pilot in Phuket with its first commercial-unit dining outlet. As a spatial experience designer, Studio Locomotive meticulously advocates these business intentions through the ideas for an inventive dining space.

To optimize a deep layout which inevitably pushes a valuable number of dining tables in to have only one far opening view to the front, Studio Locomotive chooses to develop a mirror wall feature with the printing technique on triple-layer glass to purposefully create a depth illusion for the inner dining area. 3 of 5 printed mirror panes are also advantaged as the art-filled displays for the video mapping projection playing an animated story illustration to orchestrate a fascinating visual adventure.

In collaboration with Studio Locomotive, Phannapast Taychamaythakool, an emerging Thai illustrator, fancifully depicts Asian-spirited characters and tropical forest settings in an original illustration ‘The Exploration of The Elephant Calf’ used for the mirror graphics and mural animation.

Not only an entertainment from the storytelling wall, a transparent background layer of the kitchen partition printed glass reveals live and closely for the inner dining area a culinary delicacy in the kitchen of Blue Elephant.

The 118-square-meter dining space is configured to fit a variety of seating styles from versatile square tables, long detachable sofas, communal table, café lounges, to beverage bar stools to accommodate solo mall-goers.

In interior coloration, to keep an instant connection to the parent brand legacy, blue is presented as a predominant color choice. Dark antique brass on trimmings and fixtures accessorizes for a sophisticated tactility. Warm palettes from wooden furniture and woven-rattan-like fabric tone the sense of neutral balance. A sprinkle of contrasting bright yellow however signals the younger and liberal impression. Green foliage décor allusively complements the jungle-scene mural.

The design gestures at Thai Brasserie by Blue Elephant aspire to define an identity conversion influencing its approach for future brand expansion and to leverage its marketing benefits from having the digital-art enchantment to attract impulsive mall-going customers and encourage user-generated content creation.