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    Banyan Tree Bangkok

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    Interior Design


Saffron Cruise, a 38-metre-long dining riverboat, is the first branch on-water of an international hospitality brand Banyan Tree’s celebrated Thai restaurant Saffron. Offering two gastronomic excursion styles: a rooftop Moon Deck featuring an oval-shaped mixology bar and an indoor dining deck highlighting a live kitchen and extensive curving skylights for an optimal view taking, Saffron Cruise becomes a perfect ride to appreciate the confluence of an authentic Thai culinary delicacy and Thailand’s capital landmarks such as Temple of Dawn, The Grand Palace, and Rama VIII Bridge, evidencing a three-century civilization along ‘The River of Kings’.


Glowing on the Moon Deck is the iconic illuminating River Walk, a double-layer Thai river graphic inserted between clear acrylic panels colorfully washed with the rhythmic RGB lighting. One lane of the River Walk embraces the foot of the shimmering oval-shaped Moon Bar which is finished with bronze-and-brass-colored mosaic tiles, another lane stretches across the front balcony rendering an infinity tidal bridge to the flow of Chao Phraya River. Seating types with different heights on the Moon Deck allow clear and pleasant visibility to the bankside attractions from various points of view.

Deliberate implementation of commonly sighted Thai art ornaments presented in the low-light indoor restaurant aims to complement the river scenes of lit-up historical architecture outside 90° curved windows. The formulation of the timber-textured floor tiling and wood-carving wall feature adopts the modification of Thai floral-inspired motif ‘Pra Jam Yam’. Brass-colored openwork ceiling is recomposed from the triangular wicker pattern. Column heads are crowned with Thai cornice orders.

The washrooms carry on with highlighting the outstanding Thai ornamental details, material selection, color palette, and signature river graphic adapting to the backlit vanity mirror frosted pattern.

Furniture preferences: versatile, lightweight, foldaway, and weatherproof, favor the flexible setup on both floors either for the daily course dinner service or tailored private charter functions.