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Prim House, designed by Studio Locomotive, is an unassuming two-storey steel-and-concrete-structure home. Prim House, named after the homeowner, synonymizes the solution design devised to build a cost-efficient, energy-saving, secure, and livable dream home.

Unlike other similar-looking commercial buildings having poor ventilation and quality of natural light, open living space on first floor makes this tropical home breathable and self-cooling from full-width front openings through five extended rows of charismatic prefabricated air vents randomly arranged on the rear wall. Central air well skylight favors vertical ventilation moving cooling air flows and allows daylight to reach most parts of the house including indoor flora-friendly sunken planting bed without being blocked by a perforated steel stair and overhung bridging grate.

The ventilating skylight passage stretches over the bathroom ceiling making this just-upstairs shared bathroom, accommodating the need for both floors, dry quickly and inodorous.

Rooms better with privacy walls: two bedrooms and a bathroom, share the second storey and unite to the common space with the view of flourishing ornamental climbing foliage growing on the exposed structural steel column.

Nonfunctional aesthetics is growing by degrees from the homeowner’s ability to live and fulfill her fascinations with arts, crafts, and plants, blooming in her own gallery, unforced and unhurried.