• Client

    Khun Panupong Kritchanarat

  • Services

    Interior Design


A private residential project consists of 5 majestic villas in the heart of Phuket. Though located at a prime location with shortcuts to city attractions, Old Town, and Patong Beach, the properties are peaceful lying on a private road hidden from city hustle. 

Interior design was influenced by Khmer Architecture which was a key concept from the project developer. Concentric planning and cruciform perspective created a sense of classification and exclusivity underlining the importance of the central part of the building. Careful selection of prominent Angkorian architectural characteristics, such as, pillar moulding, corbel arch, and carved symbol were modified to create a well-balanced living atmosphere.

Vesicular volcanic basalt finish and textured paints deliver sand stone historic look while earth tone color scheme and refined furniture ease down scrupulous details and powerful sensation of lasting material.